Getting Meat Packaging Labels Right: Eliminate Errors and Ensure Compliance

The world of online (and offline) commerce runs on barcodes. Take barcodes away, and most commerce would slow to a trickle. Humble, ubiquitous, critical. Let’s dig into the world of barcode labels and the gremlins that lurk.

Food labelling is highly regulated in most countries with a long list of rules and regulations to follow. Add in the many options for label types and barcode formats and it can get overwhelming very quickly.

pink and white weighing scale

No Single Way To Weigh

Weighing is one of the most common operations in the logistics workflow. Weighing is used for measuring, counting and even auditing incoming and outgoing deliveries. A typical distribution center could have hundreds of weighing scales ranging from high accuracy sub 5kg scales to in-floor platform scales capable of weighing trucks.  And since no two businesses …

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Asset Tracking

Auto-ID For Asset Tracking

The tracking of various entities in a commercial enterprise, whether it is capital equipment, work-in-progress product or finally inventory that is being consumed and replaced all fall under the title of “asset tracking”. Numerous technologies have been developed to help solve asset tracking problems. Having a sense of the types of problems and the options …

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