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Add 3% To Your Bottom Line & Deliver Higher Quality To Your Customers

Measurable Results on Day 1, RoI in Weeks

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Procurement & Inventory Management

  • Capture inbound inventory & monitor it as it moves through your fulfillment centres
  • Automatically generate goods receipt notes (GRN) & compare against PO.
  • Eliminate waste & pilferage

Label Management & Printing

  • Integrate your existing weighing scales & barcode printers
  • Manage pricing & label formats centrally
  • Increase packing efficiencies & monitor inventory and productivity in real-time
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Fulfillment Process Audits

  • Identify and track crates as they move across your centres and to customers & back.
  • Reduce time for delivery audits and raise alerts in real-time to correct for missing/excess items.
  • Monitor and improve cold chain efficiency with preventative maintenance

Case Studies