Automate Asset Identity & Physical Data Collection

Industrial Grade

Built-in protections and rugged enclosures for operating in harsh environments.

Postman Not RS232

Fiddling with bit patterns & messy SDKs? Discover our device-native HTTP(S) APIs.

Chip To Cloud

Choose BLE, WiFi or Ethernet and eliminate unnecessary IT infrastructure.


All our devices come in stackable configurations for complex use cases.


RFID Readers & Tags

Built on Impinj chips, our readers offer world-leading performance and robustness without the mess of cables and hardware protocols.

Barcode/QR Scanners

Build QC and productivity workflows with ease using our fixed and desktop scanners. Opt for the battery option for more flexibility.

Industrial PCs

Implement workflows with local & remote intelligence by integrating scales, cameras, industrial IOs & legacy protocols with ease.



A single pane platform for IoT devices with credential management, message broker, logging, OTA and warranty management.

Realtime WMS

An addon for your current WMS or a replacement for simple use cases. Enables unit level traceability & realtime inventory.

Asset & People Tracking

Supports RFID, QR codes and face recognition for secure & scalable resource management.

Our hardware lets you focus on the hard problems.

Hardware is only a means to an end. The real value lies in integrating with complex software that solves real-world business problems. We get this.

Our hardware is designed with two primary goals: help software teams move faster and never let operators down. Experience our API ready approach and you will wonder why every industrial device is not built the same way.

man carrying blue crates

Why Choose Us

100+ Cities

We power operations in warehouses & factories all over the world with 1000s of operators.

Battle Tested

Our devices are used 24×7 in freezers at -18C, in factories at 50C, in pharma clean rooms and in dusty warehouses.


Led by a team with over 30 patents between them in the fields of machine-to-machine communications & RFID.

Empower Your Operators

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