Building blocks for each stage of your IoT product

Our platform enables enterprises become IoT ready throughout their product journey from design to manufacturing to shipping to customer experience. 

End to end platform for your IoT product

DESIGN : Enable hardware and software version synchronization, trackability of design fixes, help in developing, testing and producing hardware unitsBUILD : Ensure assembly completion, trackability and packaging devices using barcode solutions, checklist of QC testsFULFILL : Unbundle the product into smaller SKUs for easier product handling. Complete traceability of each SKU enables business decision making at the most granular level
CONNECT : Through voice, mobile and wearable apps mainly using AWS IoT backboneANALYZE : Gain deep user insights to make better business decisions and offeringsFEEDBACK : Enhance customer experience using insights gained from analytics

Our Team

Dr. Tej Pochiraju, DirectorDr. Jay Warrior, DirectorJai Sharda, Director