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The Fastest Way To Bridge The Physical ___ Digital Gap In Your Existing Software

Integrate IoT Powered Traceability In Less Than A Week

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Adopt The ID That Fits You

Use Barcodes, QR Codes or RFID and create a unique, tamper-proof and standards compliant digital identity for every single product.

Our API-ready printers and scanners will help you integrate with your existing software systems in no time.

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No Single Way To Weigh

Building a complex workflow solution across weight and auto-ID?

Our flexible, programmable data loggers can integrate weighing scales, printers and scanners. Experience traceability that adapts to you.

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Leave No Metric Behind

Going beyond ID and weight? Sense and control anything you wish with our Remote IO modules.

With built-in industrial-grade protections and multiple communication interfaces, our Remote IO solutions are available in various form-factors ranging from embedded to DIN-compatible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Barcodes, QR codes or RFID?

Choose Barcodes or QR codes if you are handling items manually or need to keep costs absolutely minimal. Choose RFID when you need to increase throughput or handle items automatically.

What type of RFID does IoTReady support?

We offer readers and tags for UHF (ultra high frequency) RFID that operates at 868MHz.

Can I use any weighing scale with IoTReady data loggers?

We currently support weighing scales with RS232/RS485/Serial or Bluetooth interfaces. If you have a scale with a different interface, get in touch and we will confirm if we can support it.