Build Traceability With Folks Who Respect Your Time

Product & process innovation remain considerable hurdles for enterprises of all sizes and disproportionately affect SMEs. The resulting delays in adoption are a competitive disadvantage.

We believe there's a better way - using building blocks that are easy to adopt and integrate. Over the years we have helped numerous startups & enterprises ship products & processes in record time with this approach.

We engineer our products for reliability and ease of integration. By adopting our well-documented, easy to use APIs you can focus on solving your business problems and not fighting weird vendor protocols and out-dated wired connectors.


Our team has a track record of delivering scalable solutions that go on to become industry standards.

Dr. Tej Pochiraju

Tej has spent his entire career helping SMEs and LEs build scalable solutions to difficult process and product challenges. He holds a PhD in Wireless Engineering and has sold patents on RFID and Microwave systems to large global enterprises.

Dr. Jay Warrior

Jay holds a PhD in control systems and has held leadership positions in global leaders such as Agilent & HP. He has over 25 patents in control systems and machine communications. He was the inventor of the most widely used M2M protocol - HART.

Karan Raj Pradhan

Karan enjoys digging into the depths of firmware SDKs and creating easy to use abstractions and APIs. He leads our focus on optimising developer experience and product reliability.

Rakesh Pandith

Rakesh is an experienced Mechatronics engineer who leads our R&D projects. He's helped our customers like Joovv develop and ship 50000+ IoT devices worldwide.

Shekar YM

Shekar leads our operations and supply chain management. He keeps us ticking over, working around all sorts of logistics challenges (hello, customs!).

Ruhan A

Ruhan is a young engineer who interned with IoTReady for 3 years while finishing his Diploma in Electrical Engineering. He's currently in Houston, Texas as part of a highly selective exchange program sponsored by the US government.