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Helping You Deliver Traceable Quality

Our Mission

You want to ship the best products. You want your customers to have the best experiences.

Your goals are our goals.

We know that ensuring quality of products and services at scale is easier said than done. Decades of helping enterprises succeed has taught us this. Every solution we offer is engineered for reliability and ease of integration. We focus on building integrated hardware+software solutions so that you can focus on the metric that matters – quality.

Our History

Our team has a track record of delivering scalable solutions that go on to become industry standards.

Jay invented HART – the first and still the most-widely used machine-to-machine communications protocol. Tej designed the world’s smallest RFID tag for livestock and the first microwave moulding station for shoes. Karan‘s code and hardware designs power over 50000 devices globally!

Our customers are fast-growing startups, carefully-nurtured owner-run SMEs and publicly traded behemoths. We are here and will be here to help every one of them win.