The right building blocks can supercharge efforts to solve problems at scale.

This was the belief that brought Tej and Jay together in late 2015 to launch what was then Jaaga Sustain - an effort to support fledgling environmental startups in India. Sustain eventually became Jaaga Labs and was spun off as IoTReady in early 2018. And here we are - growing, evolving and continuing to empower our customers through the weirdest year of our lifetimes!

Why IoT?

IoT is our comfort zone. Our realm of expertise. Jay has over 25 patents in control systems and machine communications - including the OG - HART. Tej has been building IoT products with enterprises, large and small, for nearly 15 years.


Tej Pochiraju, PhD

Tej holds a PhD in Wireless Hardware and has built and sold patents covering innovations in RFID and microwave processing.

Jay Warrior, PhD

Jay holds a PhD in control systems and has held leadership positions in global leaders such as Agilent & .

Karan Raj Pradhan - Firmware Lead

Shubham Mohapatra - Hardware Lead