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IoTReady - Smarter Gates

IoT Enabled, App Controlled Gates

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Smarter Gates

Customer - Elsema

"Elsema is a renowned name in providing a range of niche wireless remote control technologies, automatic gate and door products."

Problem Statement

Elsema wanted to offer their customers an app based interface to control gates as an alternative to their range of wireless remote control fobs.


Elsema Animation

Elsema had already chosen AWS IoT as their chosen backend for device-cloud-app communications. They reached out to us for our Flutter mobile app code kit that supports AWS IoT out of the box. The code kit has allowed them to focus their energy on building a great user experience and not worry about the complexities on MQTT on Android and iOS. The code kit also includes a simple flow to configure WiFi on their chosen hardware.


  1. AWS IoT is wonderful and is our recommended solution for IoT brokers. However, there is no official Flutter support. So we built and open sourced our own plugin for securely connecting and communicating from Flutter!
  2. MQTT connections are persistent but can be a challenge to maintain when apps go into the background. We had to cover a number of edge cases to ensure that the apps stay connected.

Tej Pochiraju

Tej holds a PhD in Wireless Hardware and has built and sold patents covering innovations in RFID and microwave processing. He has been building IoT products with enterprises, large and small, for nearly 15 years.

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