Smart Weighing Scales

Customer – Jumbotail

“India’s leading wholesale food and grocery, and new retail platform.”

Problem Statement

Jumbotail sought to prevent pilferage and make their warehouse operations more efficient by making weight as an integral metric.


Our BLE and ePaper enabled weighment controller board comes with an easy to use mobile app SDK and is designed to work with existing scales. We worked with a Bangalore based manufacturer to make their scales smarter and suitable for integration with Jumbotail’s “Bradman” app via BLE. Internal audits suggested that the scales paid for themselves in few days!


  1. Achieving long battery life to enable truly wireless operations was a challenge as most scales offered only 10-12 hours. Our boards achieve ~12 months!
  2. Load cell failures in the rough and tumble of warehouses are, unfortunately, quite real. We built in calibration and reporting routines in our SDK to help diagnose and report such issues as they happen.
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