Building Blocks

IoTReady Building Blocks

Leverage the same robust and secure building blocks we use in our solutions to build your products. We have open source firmware blocks for all listed hardware modules.


Building BlockUse Cases
Energy HarvestingBattery-less products powered using a current transformer.
A9 Single Chip GPRS ControllerLow-cost 2G based remote monitoring and control.
ESP32 Single Chip WiFi/BLE ControllerLow-cost WiFi/BLE based remote monitoring and control.
Low Power BLE/WiFi Weighment ControllerIntelligent weighment integrations with support for multiple load cells and 1y+ battery life.
Flexible Resistive ElementsEfficient embedded heating of polymer products.
Custom AntennasMiniature RFID tags, focused RFID readers.


Building BlockUse Cases
BodhIntegrated interface for IoT device management, OTA, dashboards & analytics. Supports AWS IoT and SAP IoT.
Distributed Linux Control SystemFully managed Elixir/Erlang powered solution for Single Board Computers and workstations with Git-based deployment, remote monitoring and distributed operation.
Deployment TrackingMobile app + backend for tracking deployments via QR codes & geolocation.
Smart Home Voice KitAlexa and Google Home Voice app for smart home devices. Includes skill, authentication + account linking, deployment and monitoring.

License Terms

  1. Software is typically offered for white-labeling under a perpetual license for a one-time fee.
  2. Hardware designs can be procured either under perpetual license, OEM or royalty subject to the scope and nature of the collaboration.
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