Virtual IoT

Customer – REPL

One of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories for power and telecom industries across the globe.

Problem Statement

REPL products are deployed in millions of locations in electricity grids across the world, every year. REPL wanted to introduce location traceability and enhanced post-deployment monitoring to these products using weather metrics.


REPL Connect Animation

Our web dashboard has native geo-spatial capabilities for storing, querying and visualising data. Working closely with the team at REPL, we customised our QR scanning + location tracking mobile app code kit to fit the workflow of typical operator.


  1. The human operator is a key enabler for this solution. It took multiple iterations to optimise the UX while keeping the process transparent.
  2. We wanted to enable a live operation state map where you could see new deployments as they are completed. This is where Elixir and Phoenix with LiveView really shine!
  3. We are continuing to optimise geo-spatial queries with PostGIS.
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