Joovv Light Therapy

Customer – Joovv

“World’s most trusted in-home light therapy.”

Problem Statement

Joovv wanted to bring light therapy into the 21st century with cutting edge voice, mesh and app capabilities.


We were embedded with Joovv’s OEM in China to help redesign the core controller hardware, write the firmware, mobile apps and Alexa skill. These now power over 45000 units worldwide generating 15M+ messages to our IoT cloud each month.


  1. Before BLE mesh became a thing, we had to implement a fast, highly scalable BLE-based lead/follow algorithm for connecting multiple Joovv units.
  2. Joovv units are packed with features, supporting BLE, WiFi, AWS IoT and CANBus! Writing stable firmware that ran on the (relatively) tiny microcontroller was certainly exciting.
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