We wouldn’t have made it very far without the open source community and are working hard on contributing back. The table aims to maintain a comprehensive list of our existing contributions with links.

Component Last Release Comment
ESP32 Firmware 01/2021 Code Review
RX-BLE Plugin For Flutter 04/2020  
WiFi Config Plugin For Flutter 11/2019  
Plugin Scaffold For Flutter 04/2020  
AWS IoT For Flutter 12/2019  
AWS Cognito For Flutter 06/2020  
AWS AppSync For Flutter 04/2020  
PDF Viewer For Flutter 04/2020  
Network File Sync For Flutter 09/2019  
Super Logger For Flutter 10/2020  
Keyboard Events For Flutter 12/2019  


We will release these as time permits. However, if you have an urgent need for any of these or are willing to mess around with slightly undercooked tools, please do reach out!

  • CAD files for most of our antenna library
  • Calculation tools for antenna range and size modeling
  • Sustain OS - collection of mods to Alpine Linux + flashing tools suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 and other Armv7 boards
  • Some more Flutter plugins as we abstract common patterns into plugins.