Simplifying IoT.

Our metal-to-cloud building blocks have helped teams across the world ship 50000+ IoT devices. What are you working on?

What We Offer

Open Source

We have contributed a number of plugins to simplify IoT app development and are in the process of open sourcing firmware frameworks for the ESP32 (BLE/WiFi) and A9 (GSM) chips.

Licensed IP

Build your next product with our specialist hardware designs or use our battle-tested, customisable code kits for mobile and voice apps to make great IoT apps.

Custom Development

If you are developing a high value IoT enabled product, our team can help you deliver secure, scalable solutions across hardware, firmware, cloud and data visualisation.

Expert Consultation

Take your product, processes and team to the next level through direct consultation with our highly experienced founders. Typical engagements cover product architecture, team mentorship and code reviews.

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