Increase Your Profitability & Deliver Higher Quality

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Meat Label Management & Printing

Is your team spending hours each week updating MRPs on label templates? Is adding new SKUs a chore because of distributed operations?

Our cloud based Meat Labeling ERP + IoT powered labeling solution will save you 6h/center/week and eliminate all labeling errors. We support paper and vinyl labels, different templates for different categories and alert you to SKU specific discrepancies and productivity issues.

Fruit & Veg Label Management & Pricing

Are you force fitting your warehouse operations to the constraints of label printing scales that were designed for retail sales?

Improve your productivity, update prices in real-time and track your packaged inventory automatically with our cloud based F&V Labeling ERP & IoT powered labeling solution.

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Procurement & Inventory Management

Still buying 10 tons of produce to sell 8 tons and struggling to track where the rest went?

Our crate ID and weighing based solution is helping customers eliminate wastage and add 2-3% to their bottom line. We handhold you through the deployment, help train your staff and you will see measurable RoI within days.

Fulfillment Audits

Dealing with customer complaints due to missing items or trying to manage wastage and pilferage?

Our metal barcodes/QR codes uniquely identify all your delivery crates and our weighing based audit solution eliminates manual audits and counting for over 90% of your outbound deliveries. With audit times of less than 3s/crate, you will see a significant increase in your throughput.

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