Measurable Results on Day 1,

Return on Investment in Weeks

Discover IoTReady’s paperless warehouse management solutions that eliminate wastage, optimise operations and add 2-3% to your bottom line.

Procurement - Stock Unloading


Track inbound by weight or count & generate GRN or trigger PO workflows in your systems.

Meat packages with labels

Centralised Label Management

Centralised Label Management to update prices & design remotely and prevent under/over packing.

Person checking crate filled with cans

Fulfilment Audit

Highlight crates that require manual audits by comparing actual crate weight with expected weight.

Inventory Audit

Integrate barcode-based EAN recognition and weight-based counting to make inventory checks faster and more accurate.

Crates in a warehouse

Crate Loss Prevention

Get real-time overview of where your crates are at any time with our scanner based data loggers.