IoTReady - Weighing Scale With PoE & WiFi

You can integrate our Weighing Scales in days for solutions that last reliably for years. Our Weighing Scales have been designed to help you build your solutions faster without fighting vendor specific protocols and outdated wired connectors.

All our products come with easy to use, well-documented REST APIs with support for additional protocols such as Websockets & MQTT. Choose from a menu of options to build your ideal system.

Built-in APIs for configuring unit weight and moisture correction allow you to implement counting and other complex operations out of the box without resorting to custom application code!

Form Factor

  1. Desktop (<= 300kg)
  2. Floor Platform (<= 2000kg)
  3. Custom (contact us)


  1. 2800mAh LiPo Battery (optional)
  2. Micro USB
  3. Power over Ethernet


  1. WiFi (2.4GHz) & Ethernet
  2. Built-in REST & Websockets API
  3. MQTT client for AWS/SAP/Azure IoT or your own broker
  4. HTTP client for custom HTTP(S) endpoints