Weighing Scale Data Logger (WiFi + Ethernet)


IotReady’s Weighing Scale Data Logger is an easy to integrate, high performance data logger that is designed to help you implement automation and complex logistics operations faster and without errors. Integrate weighing scales, barcode scanners and printers in a matter of hours and implement end-to-end traceability with pre-built APIs that make integration with your ERP or custom software a breeze.

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The IoTReady Weighing Scale Data Logger has built-in integration with most weighing scales, barcode/RFID scanners and printers allowing you to implement automation and traceability with ease.

Our data loggers connect to your existing weighing scales and convert them into smart, uniquely identifiable WiFi/Ethernet powered assets. Pre-built support for SAP, AWS, Azure and custom HTTP(S)/Websockets APIs allow easy and secure integration, validation and deployment with local or cloud-based ERPs. What’s more, you can integrate your existing scales with your custom software applications in a matter of hours. Secure OTA (over-the-air) updates ensure robust, long-term operational stability.

Our programmable data loggers come with built-in support for RS232 enabled barcode printers – which is most of them! You can remotely update prices, barcode labels or even SKU specific tare information and have these confirmed to any remote API periodically. You will have an up-to-date operational dashboard showing you the current status of each of your scales with complete audit traceability of all past changes.

The data logger comes with built-in support for RS232 and BLE based barcode scanners. If you are using a Zebra or Honeywell scanner, we will even power them from the same port – no additional cables needed! Integration with your ERP can happen over WiFi/Ethernet or even BLE if you are using a mobile application. Implementing a scan-weigh-verify workflow was never easier!


  1. Support for RS232 and BLE enabled weighing scales
  2. Built-in integration with barcode/RFID scanner + printers
  3. Built-in WiFi & Ethernet interfaces
  4. Pre-built integrations with SAP, AWS, Azure over MQTT
  5. Pre-built support for custom MQTT, HTTP(S) and Websockets APIs
  6. Programmable interface for integration with custom protocols
  7. Does not interfere with calibration or accuracy of scale
  8. Small and easy to attach to weighing scale or use standalone
  9. Optional display and keypad
  10. Optional all-day battery operation
  11. Expert customer support  – on-site + on-phone
  12. Money back guarantee – 30 days
  13. 2 year warranty
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



20×4 LCD Character Display


100 Mbps Ethernet