Customer - REPL #

One of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories for power and telecom industries across the globe.

Problem Statement #

REPL products are deployed in millions of locations in electricity grids across the world, every year. REPL wanted to introduce location traceability and enhanced post-deployment monitoring to these products using weather metrics.

Solution #

REPL Connect Animation

Our web dashboard has native geo-spatial capabilities for storing, querying and visualising data. Working closely with the team at REPL, we customised our QR scanning + location tracking mobile app code kit to fit the workflow of typical operator.

Challenges #

  • The human operator is a key enabler for this solution. It took multiple iterations to optimise the UX while keeping the process transparent.
  • We wanted to enable a live operation state map where you could see new deployments as they are completed. This is where Elixir and Phoenix with LiveView really shine!
  • We are continuing to optimise geo-spatial queries with PostGIS.