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Product Customisation

  • Customised variants of our IO controller power 50000+ devices globally worth over $40M.
  • You choose what you need: number of IOs, board layout & communication interfaces.
  • Typical timeline from requirements to pilot production is 6-8 weeks.
  • Our battle-hardened state-machine based firmware framework is easy to extend & will last you years.




  • We specialise in ESP32 based product development with hardware designs for various interfaces and use cases. We were one of the early adopters and have over 50000 devices running smoothly for 4+ years globally now!
  • The ESP32 is a WiFi & BLE capable device that’s a great fit for all kinds of applications.
  • Our state-machine based firmware framework is optimised for the ESP32 and results in great productivity as well as reliable products.

Wireless Connectivity

  • We have pre-built integrations with AWS IoT, Azure IoT, SAP IoT & more.
  • We have easy to use APIs for WiFi configuration and Bluetooth discovery/connection – your app developers will thank you.
  • With built-in support for HTTP(S), MQTT & Websockets you can integrate exactly the way you want to.
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Wired Connectivity

  • Choose from Modbus RTU/TCP, CAN, HTTP(S) or even a custom protocol.
  • We have CE certified designs for protecting interfaces against over-voltage, over-current, short-circuits and electrostatic discharge.