Frugal Iterations

A peek into our R&D process that builds our building blocks. These go into our products and also power over 50000 devices globally worth $40M+. Have something in mind that we can help with?

Current Experiments

Icon for API-Ready Camera

API-Ready Camera

We are implementing an easy to use, error-resistant frame and video capture wrapper for standard Video4Linux (V4L2) compatible cameras. This converts any USB camera into an IP camera with an easy to use REST API. Features include low noise, API-configurable aspect ratios and exposure control amongst others. The target application is an industrial imaging system but the system is suitable for all kinds of imaging applications.

Icon for Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm

We are building a (soft) real-time control system for an automatic petri dish handler designed for use in pharma environments. The star of the show is a robotic arm that does all the heavy lifting and is controlled over TCP/IP. The control flow is implemented using CODESYS. More details as we progress!