The roots of the company go back to IP driven hardware development leading to the development and sale of 4 patents. Today, we have significant strengths in software too with a strong foundation in open source.

We retain strategic IP in core areas of expertise, typically hardware. We will continue to update the table below as we build new things.

Hardware #

IP Comment
Current & Temperature Monitoring For LV and MV electricity grids and factory energy monitoring.
Data Loggers Analog and digital I/O with BLE/WiFi/Ethernet/GPRS interfaces.
Weighment Controller Highly accurate BLE/WiFi enabled weighment controller with support for up to 3 independent load cells and 1y+ battery life.
RFID Readers For Security & Inventory Monitoring Two models available - theft detection and continuous inventory monitoring. Both with tamper-proof BLE/WiFi/Ethernet interfaces.
Antennas For various applications and frequency ranges from 433MHz up to 30GHz. Specialised in miniature antennas.
Flexible Heating Elements For efficient embedded heating of polymer products.

Software #

IP Comment
Realtime Dashboard Provides an integrated interface for typical IoT use cases including data querying + export, maps, time-series charts & OTA.
Flutter App Kits Apps for various purposes from QR scanning to geolocation to BLE to AWS IOT that our customers adopt and customise and whitelabel.
Smart Home Voice Kit Alexa and Google Home Voice app for smart home devices. Includes skill, authentication + account linking, deployment and monitoring.
CAD Visualisation with PMI & Instructions Web app with CAD, PMI and manufacturing instructions suitable for factory floor use. Available for customisation and white-labeling.

License Terms #

  • Software is typically offered for white-labeling under a perpetual license for a one-time fee.
  • Hardware designs can be procured either under perpetual license, OEM or royalty subject to the scope and nature of the collaboration.