Case Study – Joovv Light Therapy

World’s most trusted in-home light therapy.



Joovv wanted to bring light therapy into the 21st century with cutting edge voice, mesh and app capabilities. They certainly did that – 50000 times and more!

How did we deliver this impact?

We worked closely with an OEM in China across R&D, pilot production and finally scale-up. The core controller mode was a modified version of our Remote IO controller. We designed a custom BLE based communications protocol allow syncing of an unlimited number of Joovv units in real-time! With AWS IoT powering remote communications, Alexa and Google Home integrations were a cinch.

What challenges did we overcome?

This is before BLE mesh so we implemented a fast, highly scalable syncing protocol using just BLE advertisements. Joovv units are packed with features, supporting BLE, WiFi, AWS IoT and CANBus! Writing stable firmware that ran on the (relatively) tiny microcontroller was certainly exciting.