Case Study – Impaqt Robotic Gripper

The world’s first pneumatic multi-gripper platform.

Impaqt Robotics


Impaqt wanted to get to market quickly with their revolutionary new product. They launched on the 6th of June at the Automate 2022 in Detroit, Michigan!

How did we deliver this impact?

We worked closely with the Impaqt R&D team to define the required IOs, protections, form factor and communication protocol. The core controller is a modified version of our Remote IO controller running custom Modbus RTU firmware for easy integration with the Universal Robots e-Series arms. The product is simultaneously compatible with the older CB3 series thanks to a custom protocol.

What challenges did we overcome?

The small form-factor of the product and, subsequently, of the printed circuit board certainly tested our layout skills! We simplified some of our designs without compromising on protection, quality or performance.