Websockets for Hardware Engineers – Part 1

Before we start, what is HTTP? # This is what HTTP REST looks like…ClientServerIdentify Yourself!SSL HandshakeAuthenticateAuthorizeMake a RequestAsk for dataSend dataTypical Client-Server FlowClientServerIdentify Yourself!SSL HandshakeAuthenticateAuthorizeMake a RequestSend dataAcknowledgeA bit later… We noticed some issues… # Each request is preceded by an SSL handshake (if HTTPS) and authentication This can consume significant resources (CPU, time, memory) each time …

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More from the X-Files… Weird ways to solve IoT measurement problems

No, not those X-Files. I am talking about those interesting measurement stories where we were, like Mulder and Scully desperately seeking a solution to a complicated problem. In our case to measure variable X, and it was only by a combination of engineering and modeling and lateral thinking like our heroes, where we were able …

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Smarter Light Therapy

Customer – Light Tree Ventures “Light Tree Ventures Group is one of the largest R&D and manufacturing companies of medical devices, LLLT, and LED therapy devices.” Problem Statement LTV wanted to build out internal IoT capabilities to add to their strengths in designing and manufacturing consumer light therapy products. Solution We have been working closely the …

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Smart Termination

Customer – REPL “One of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories for power and telecom industries across the globe.” Problem Statement REPL wanted to develop a self-powered, remote comms enabled version of their medium voltage (MV) smart termination while lowering the costs to allow larger scale rollouts. Solution We combined off-the-shelf sensor components with a cleverly …

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Smart Weighing Scales

Customer – Jumbotail “India’s leading wholesale food and grocery, and new retail platform.” Problem Statement Jumbotail sought to prevent pilferage and make their warehouse operations more efficient by making weight as an integral metric. Solution Our BLE and ePaper enabled weighment controller board comes with an easy to use mobile app SDK and is designed to work with existing scales. …

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Smarter Gates

Customer – Elsema “Elsema is a renowned name in providing a range of niche wireless remote control technologies, automatic gate and door products.” Problem Statement Elsema wanted to offer their customers an app based interface to control gates as an alternative to their range of wireless remote control fobs. Solution Elsema had already chosen AWS IoT as their …

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