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IoTReady - Smart Termination

Self-powered current and temperature sensors for the smart grid.

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Smart Termination

Customer - REPL

"One of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories for power and telecom industries across the globe."

Problem Statement

REPL wanted to develop a self-powered, remote comms enabled version of their medium voltage (MV) smart termination while lowering the costs to allow larger scale rollouts.


Smart Termination Sensor

We combined off-the-shelf sensor components with a cleverly engineered energy-harvesting circuitry to build a self-powered current and temperature sensor with modular BLE/GPRS/Modbus communication interfaces. This IP is now the basis for the next generation REPL smart terminations.


  1. Terminations have a lifetime of 10 year or more. Careful combination of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors allows us to achieve this lifetime.
  2. We scouted the world to build a robust supply chain keeping quality and costs in mind and found a key supplier in our backyard!
  3. Achieving Class 1 (1%) accuracy needed lots of expert tuning of the sensing circuit and the ADC firmware.

Tej Pochiraju

Tej holds a PhD in Wireless Hardware and has built and sold patents covering innovations in RFID and microwave processing. He has been building IoT products with enterprises, large and small, for nearly 15 years.

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