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IoTReady - Offline Content Access

Enabling education off-grid with, and without, Android Set Top Boxes

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Offline Content Access

Customer - Meghshala

"Empowered teachers lead enlightened classrooms."

Problem Statement

Meghshala provide training and teaching material to teachers across India - many of whom have limited or no internet access. They needed a solution that enabled seamless content access with or without internet.


We worked closely with our sister firm, ContentReady, to implement Bonjour style discoverability and peer-to-peer file syncing into the existing Meghshala app. Suddenly, every Meghshala user could enable offline access for others. The app was modified to suit set headless top boxes too with kiosk mode and similar built-in features.


  1. Android is surprisingly aggressive at killing long-running/background apps. We had to invoke a bunch of tricks and chants to keep the app running!
  2. Android, again, has no built-in support for mDNS/Bonjour services. We implemented our own custom UDP discovery protocol to work around this.

Tej Pochiraju

Tej holds a PhD in Wireless Hardware and has built and sold patents covering innovations in RFID and microwave processing. He has been building IoT products with enterprises, large and small, for nearly 15 years.

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