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IoTReady - Moisture Measurement

Using UWB to measure moisture content in food

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Moisture Measurement

Customer - Tovalia

"Tovalia développe des solutions de mesure pour l’industrie."

Problem Statement

Tovalia were developing a new version of their moisture sensor, specifically for meat products. These needed a high gain, wideband UWB antenna to work with their proprietary RF hardware. Additionally, the antenna needed to be small to fit the constraints of their product.


Venal Feed

Neither commercial off-the-shelf antennas nor any of the antennas from standard design libraries were a good fit for the use case. We modified and shipped antennas from our IP library and mentored the team through calibration of their test setup.


  1. Antenna design can be challenging when numerous, conflicting constraints are imposed. However, given our experience and expertise, we were able to pick a design that checked all the boxes.
  2. The team being supported had limited RF experience giving us another opportunity to help train and upskill a customer team.

Tej Pochiraju

Tej holds a PhD in Wireless Hardware and has built and sold patents covering innovations in RFID and microwave processing. He has been building IoT products with enterprises, large and small, for nearly 15 years.

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